The Nordic Countries are known for their innovation, their environmentalism, their milk products, and their happiness. Nordic Dairy Technology was founded on these exact principles.

“In Scandinavia, we see Dairy Industry, as a corner stone in our culture. Natural resources must be utilized carefully. Our production lines today increase yield and reduce utility consumption but most important: We bring tools and experience to the cheese master enabling him to take cheese making to its utmost level.

Morten Munk, CEO

Check out our new Cottage Cheese line in Switzerland and Grill Cheese line in Sweden. We expect the investments will be paid off within 6 – 24 months.

NDT Grill Cheese Line

✓ Flexible capacities of 700T/year to 4.000T/year
✓ Low area needed 160-200m2.
✓ Reducing manpower by 70-80%.
✓ Reducing Steam, Electricity, Cooling costs more than 40%.

NDT Cottage Cheese Line

✓ Capacities per batch from 4.000L to 22.000L.
✓ 500 Tons daily produced on NDT Cottage Cheese lines
✓ Guarantee of yield 5-10% better than other suppliers
✓ Reducing Steam, Electricity, Cooling costs more than 30%.