Jon Fosse, Founder of NDT (MSc Cheese Process Technology)
Vadym Ohiienko, NDT‘s sales coordinator

“Dairy is in my blood. I never wanted to do anything else than be the best I possibly could at making dairy. In that sense, I was a little different from the other kids who wanted to be football players and policemen. I just wanted to make dairy.”

Influenced by ideas of sustainability and ever the creative mind, Fosse invented the new way of producing cottage cheese in 1994. Since then, Fosse and NDT has continually focused on reducing resource consumption and waste, while at the same time increasing yield and profit.

Today the NDT organization counts dairy expert resources, engineering team, process control team as well as a professional supply chain.

Graduate engineer after training and sales specialist by profession.

Vadym Ohiienko is NDT‘s new sales coordinator for the German-speaking area.
Mr. Ohienko will be your gateway to NDT, both in terms of new equipment and in terms of service and spare parts.
Vadym Ohiienko: And when it comes to production processes, I would like you to get competent advice from one of our specialists.

Mr. Ogienko has more than 20 years of experience in the sale of industrial equipment.

Contact details:
Our main seat is in Aarhus and our R&D and head of engineering is in Silkeborg.

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