NDT Digital Solutions

NDT digitale 3D Universe!
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  1. We create and develop dialogue
    Virtual meetings and 3D technology create a personal and unique framework for the dialogue with new and existing customers. A 3D scan of the production area is an important platform for a constructive dialogue.
  2. When we create solutions for our clients
    The central process takes place in virtual meetings between NDT and the customer. Here, our customer’s needs and visions are combined with NDT’s thoughts, concepts and ideas in a 3D universe where all needs are attended.
  3. Project execution.
    Virtual project meetings and 3D progress reporting ensure that all parties are updated in real time. This way we ensure that necessary corrections are incorporated timely.
  4. When your line is up and running.
    Through access to NDT’s comprehensive production database, we can ensure that the set expectations are met.

We stay with you – virtually.